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Thematic Alpha

Providing programmatic exposure to sector outperformance through investment in thematic, innovative healthcare platforms and companies.


The Fund will target, and aim to benefit from, long-term ‘megatrends’ (Demographics, Urbanization, Digitalization and Environment) prioritising large and medium-sized companies in developed markets. The investment manager defines ‘megatrends’ as factors that transform civilization and sub-themes may include Robotics, Security, Cloud Technology, Virtual Life, Digital Data, Life Sciences, Health Care, Entertainment, Education, Water, Agriculture, Waste, Clean Energy, Mobility, Infrastructure and Financial Edge. The investment manager exploits original proprietary multi-factor scoring system based on 10 factors and no less than 100 sub-factors as a quantitative tool for determining securities with advantageous characteristics.


Market and portfolio insights, webinars and podcasts from across our Thematic Alpha Fund to provide our investors with the guidance they demand to navigate the changing world we are living in.

 Outlook 2024

Signet Thematic Alpha Fund 

The investment objective of the Fund is to seek capital appreciation over the medium to long-term and generate consistent...

Group Overview - 2023

Discipline. Focus. Clarity. These are what set us apart. Rather than chase every fad, we hone in on...


Market and portfolio insights, webinars and podcasts from across our investment teams.

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Meet the team

Mike Miroshnichenko
Mike Miroshnichenko Chief Investment Officer

Mike has more than 19 years of experience in financial markets. He joined Signet in 2016. Prior to that, he was Head of Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities at Renaissance Asset Managers / Kazimir Partners, where he was managing the hedge fund strategies. Between 2009 and 2012 Mike was Head of Capital Markets at RESO Insurance. In 2005—2008 he was a fixed income and currency trader at Morgan Stanley. Mike holds a bachelor's and master's degrees in economics from Moscow State University, where he also received a PhD. He also holds a Certificate in Quantitative Finance.

Serge Umansky
Serge Umansky Senior Portfolio Manager

Serge Umansky is a Managing Director of Signet FFF Capital AG. He is a specialist in absolute return strategies with 12 years of experience in numerical analysis in engineering and over 25 years of investment and risk management. From 1977, he headed the research laboratory at the Ukranian Academy of Sciences in Kiev, focusing on numerical analysis and developing numerical models and software for aerospace applications. In 1989, he was hired by the Germany-based EWCO GmbH where he led implementation and support of financial management systems for corporate clients in Central Europe. In 1991, he joined WIR Corporation in the United States where he designed and developed computerised trading models and software tools for quantitative trading strategies. From 1993, he was appointed CIO of New Capital Markets in Washington, DC where he developed investment strategies, managed multi asset funds and designed proprietary portfolio management software. He then moved into a consultancy role with ICG consulting, L.L.C. for international debt restructuring advisory, private equity investments and research. In 1999, he joined Signet Research and Advisory as CIO where he was responsible for portfolio construction and investments selection, risk management, as well as quantitative and qualitative portfolio analysis. From 2016, he co-founded a number of Signet subsidiary advisory companies, Whiteridge Advisor SA in 2016 and Metadvice Limited in 2018. In January 2020, he was appointed CEO of Signet Capital Management Limited and acts as a head of Healthcare Investments team at Signet Global.